Shoe Guidelines

Recently I received an email asking about what is permissible and what isn’t in AYSO for players shoes. The National Guidelines say:
Regulation soccer shoes, gym shoes, or sneakers (with or without cleats) are permissible
in all AYSO competitions subject to the referee’s approval regarding their safety.

However, some regions were asking for a little bit more on guidelines. I offer the following:

Turf Shoes which are allowed:
Turf Shoes

Gym Shoes (Athletic Shoes) are allowed

Gym Shoe

Soccer Cleats are allowed:



or Note round or bar type are allowed. A toe cleat on a soccer specific boot (Shoe) is also allowed.

Metal Cleats ARE Allowed. However, each and every cleat should be checked for a sharp edge from wear. If the metal cleat has a sharp edge, then the shoe is NOT to be allowed.

Metal Cleat

The following are NOT allowed

Baseball Cleats are not allowed. Note the extreme toe cleat as well


Football Cleats are NOT allowed. Again, note the extreme toe cleat. These are not allowed


Missing cleat from shoe, not allowed. Doesn’t matter if the hole or just the screw is in shoe, the shoe integrity is compromised, do NOT allow.


The above are a guideline for referees. There isn’t a hard fast rule, since there are many types of shoes, with new versions coming out all the time. As always, it is the decision of the Center Official for that match is the equipment is safe or not in their opinion. It doesn’t matter if the player wore it before or not, if the referee deems the equipment unsafe, then it will not be allowed in the match. Please address any questions you have to me.

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20 year AYSO Volunteer Section 6 Referee Administrator AYSO National Referee, National Assessor, National Instructor Candidate Former USSF State Referee Emertitus
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