New Section Referee Administrator


As some of you may know, in February I announced that I would be retiring from my position. Jeff Ransom asked me to stay on until we found a replacement, which is now complete. So after 11 years of being SRA, I am hanging up my cleats, and Rich Goldberg has agreed to take my position.

For those of you who don’t know Rich, he is a National Referee, National Referee Assessor, working on becoming a National Referee Instructor, and is an Illinois High School referee and Instructor. Until recently, Rich served as Section 6 Director of Referee Assessment. I have great confidence on him, and hope he will continue the Sportsmanship Award, and the Section6RefAdmin page to make sure the information is getting to you. Please give Rich a warm welcome when you see him.

I will be serving on the Concussion Task Force with National, so I am not disappearing totally. I’ll still be here to answer questions about refereeing, but forms should now go to Rich for promotion. For the three I am working on, don’t fear, once my playoff schedule for Chicago Public League winds down, I’ll work and make sure Rich takes care of it. [Now taken care of]

It has been my honor to serve as your Section Referee Administrator. I look forward to refereeing with a lot of you during the course of the year. With most of us done at the end of October, looking forward to some rest and relaxation in the cold weather.

Thank you for volunteering, and for what you do. You have made me look good over the years!

Tim Orosz

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6u and 8u Law Clarification


Just got this from National. Yes, 6u and 8u normally do not have referees, but if you do, here is a clarification on restarts:

I just received clarification from the National Office yesterday afternoon that all free kicks for 8U and 6U should be INDIRECT FREE KICKS. The following material has been updated, and will hopefully be posted soon to AYSOU:
8U: Lesson Plan (v2.1), Powerpoint (v2), Exams (1806a Rev 3, 1806b Rev 2)
8U to Regional Referee: Lesson Plan (v2.1)
Assistant Referee: Lesson Plan (v2.1), Powerpoint (v2), Exams (Rev 3)

Please advise your instructors that they should verify that they have the correct version of the material.

Note: If it version above isn’t out yet, just give it a day or two, they are working on it.

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Regional Referee Administrator Training

Just got this from Taidgh at National, RRA training available online for whoever wants to take it:

Regional Referee Administrator Webinars will be offered over the next two weeks. Please sign up for these classes through AYSOU.

Tuesday, August 21st 5:30PM-7PM

Monday, August 27th 5:30PM-7PM

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Build Out Line and other Rule Changes


Here are the AYSO imposed changes for the Laws of the Game, approved by National and included in the National Rules and Regulations. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Build out Lines

1. The build‐out line shall be placed across the field equidistant between the top of the penalty area and the halfway line.
2. The opposing team must move behind the build‐out line for a goal kick or when the goalkeeper has possession. At any time, the goalkeeper may pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate who is behind the build‐out line.
3. The goalkeeper or the player taking the goal kick or distributing the ball from the goal area, does not have to wait for the opposing players to move behind the build‐out line to put the ball into play. When the ball is put into play from the goalkeeper or from the goal kick, the ball can be played on either side of the build‐out line. [Note from Tim: This is a major change, the ball no longer must remain inside the build out area, the goal kick or release can go anywhere on the pitch] After the ball is put into play, the opposing team may cross the build‐out line and play may resume as normal. The first touch is from the goal kick or the pass from the goalkeeper. Law 16 is not altered or modified. The ball is in play from a goal kick after the ball is kicked and leaves the penalty area.
4. The build‐out line shall be used as the line to determine offside. Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build‐out line.

8U Throw Ins

1. For 6U to 8U, the throw‐in is replaced with the pass‐in. Opposing players must be at least two yards from the ball until it is kicked.
2. For 8U, each Region shall have the discretion to use either throw‐ins or pass‐ins to restart play.
3. Training of throw‐in technique may begin at 8U and up.

Goalkeeper Punts

1. For 9U to 10U, the goalkeeper shall not punt nor drop kick the ball. [Tim Note: 12U is allowed to punt the ball]
2. An indirect kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the offense if a goalkeeper for 9U to 10U deliberately punts the ball during a match.
3. An indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team inside the opposing team’s goal area must be taken on the goal area line at the point nearest to where the goalkeeper punted the ball.

These changes MAY be different then what you do for other organizations. However, this IS the official AYSO policy and should be followed in any AYSO game.

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Need an Assessment or a Advanced Referee Assessment Evaluation?

If anyone needs an Advanced Assessment or needs to perform an assessment this coming weekend may be the time for you. I got this from Alan Tribble, the Section Director of Referee Assessment:

Hi Tim,

Could you please help publicize the fact that the AYSO Region in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is having a regional playoff from Thursday, May 31st through Sunday, June 3rd. During this event there will be 32 separate 14U games that would be good opportunities for any Advanced Referee Candidates – or Advanced Referee Assessor Candidates – to complete an assessment or two.

For details on the tournament schedule please go to and then click on “Schedules”.

Anybody who would like more information about scheduling an assessment, etc., is welcome to contact me.

Thank you,

319.693.8657 mobile

Also don’t forget the Special Olympics needs referees. If you have done a 14U game, they can use you for the 7 on 7 Women’s game, and if you have done 19U and higher, you are needed for the Men’s International games. [Full Fifa Laws]
Let me know and I can send you more information, for the week ending July 20th with the finals broadcast on TV from Toyota Park. If you can’t referee, remember you can help fill out the AYSO Section at he stadium and the tickets are FREE.
Please spread the word for Special Olympics 50th Anniversary!

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Special Olympics asks for referees!

I have been having conversations with the Special Olympic folks, and have determined that they need some referees for the games. The games will be 7 v 7 women games, during the week ending July 20th. Since this IS their World Cup, we need experienced referees, so you must have refereed at the 14U level or above. The laws for the games will be taught to you before the games start. Please let me know ASAP and fill out the attached form if you can do any of the days. National Referees and those who have done 19U, there are also Men’s 11 v 11 games which use the full FIFA Laws and referees are needed. Ditto to you, I need to know ASAP, and please fill out the attached form. Please pass the information to all your referees immediately, as I know most of the regions will be breaking for the summer shortly.

For everyone else, please pass the information to you VIP teams and coached, as well as the RCS. Attached is the information on the finals at Toyota Park and how to get the free tickets. Please only respond if you are going to go.

I cannot express how much fun these games are, and they can and do get intense. This is their World Cup, and their 50th Anniversary. I walked away after the last time I did Special Olympics tired, but with a great feeling knowing how much the player enjoyed the game, and appreciated what we did. The players truly play for the love of the game.

So please, if you can referee, referee… if you can’t please attend the finals at Toyota Park, you won’t be disappointed.

Referees, use the group registration, the name can mislead, that IS the proper form.

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Special Olympics Invite


Over the years, I have refereed over 2000 games of various types, from U5 to NCAA, to adult travel leagues. None have given me the satisfaction as much as refereeing for the special Olympics, the pure joy of the players just playing. This year is the 50th year of the Special Olympics, and USSF has reached out to me, to get people to attend on July 20th at 4 PM at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois to be part of the audience for the World Championship Finals, which will be televised. USSF was kind enough to reach out to the AYSO referees, and VIP teams and invite them to attend with free tickets. HOWEVER, only sign up for the tickets if you ARE going to attend, again, there is no cost. Before the championship games, World Class Soccer Players will be there for autographs and to play with the teams. Please, PLEASE, pass on to your VIP teams and coaches. Here is an email I got from the Special Olympics:

Dear Tim:

As you may know, Special Olympics which began at Soldier Field on July 20, 1968 is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. With more than 5 million athletes in over 170 countries, Special Olympics has come a long way since the first Games at Soldier Field. This year, Chicago will serve as the global stage for a series of high profile events which highlights inclusion and Chicago’s leading role in this worldwide movement. These events will take place July 17-21.

I’m writing to organizations in the soccer community to ask for your help with promoting and committing to bring attendees to two very important free admission events:
• The inaugural Special Olympics Unified Cup presented by Toyota at Toyota Park which will be televised live on ESPN2 – July 20. Special guests include Didier Drogba and Hidetoshi Nakata who will play unified with other celebrities and Special Olympics athletes.
• The Global Day of Inclusion at Soldier Field – July 21
I hope that you are able to engage your members so that we can generate sizable audiences for both of these celebrations.

Special Olympics Unified Cup presented by Toyota
July 20, 2018
Toyota Park, Bridgeview, Illinois
Celebrity Match (4-5pm): Watch world class soccer celebrities, including Didier Drogba and Hidetoshi Nakata, play unified with Special Olympics athletes.
Championship Games (5-7pm): Watch competitive athletes – with and without intellectual disabilities – play together in the first-ever men’s and women’s Unified Cup. These games will be aired live on ESPN 2! Our goal is to fill Toyota Park which seats 20,000 so that the support Special Olympics enjoys is televised to the network’s audience.

Global Day of Inclusion
July 21, 2018 (1pm-7pm)
Soldier Field
Soldier Field, the birthplace of Special Olympics will host a massive celebration, a festival of inclusion that will serve as the spark for people around the world to commit to making their cities more inclusive. This family friendly festival will offer sports activities, interactive games, exhibits, delicious food offerings, and live entertainment. Our goal is to fill Soldier Field with more than 30,000 attendees.

Both of these events are free admission. Will you please assist us in promoting these events so that we can have large audiences and a great show of support for this amazing organization? We are able to coordinate group ticket requests if you can organize a group of supporters!

Please contact Mary Slowik, Outreach Manager at 312-527-3743(o), 312-307-8819(c) or If you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support. I hope to speak with you soon.

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12U Goalkeepers are once again allowed to Punt.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I just got the notification not more then 2 minutes ago. 12U Keepers CAN punt once again. Following is the notification:

Under Discussions and Updates, we referenced revisions to the AYSO Rules & Regulations in the 12U & 11U divisions in regards to heading. That was a mistake. The revision was to allow punting by the goalkeeper, not heading. Heading is still not allowed in these divisions.

We apologize for any confusion this has caused.

Thank you,
Matt Winegar and Mike Hoyer

Spread the word immediately to all referees and Area Staffs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Again, for clarity sake:

Punting is allowed in 12U by the goalkeeper once again.

Tim Orosz

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Post Expo Update

Another successful Section Expo despite the weather. A GOOD TURN-OUT AND TRAINING FOR ALL. Some highlights include:

Update to tbe Laws of the Game [powerpoint included]
2018-2019 Proposals to the Laws of the Game’
The modification from the diagonal system of control to the diagonal system with swim lanes. Mike Hodes and Josh Abts did a great presentation on this and will share.
Problems outside the touchline with Sue Hansel and Sako from Section 8
14 students took Intro to Instruction and Referee Instructor!
12 Students took the Regional Referee Administrator Course

Many thanks to all the Instructors who taught some great classes! Chris Van de Ligt, Rich Goldberg, Alan Tribble, Sue Hansel, Tom Severin, Pat Mullane, Mike Hodes,

The Section 6 Referee update we covered mentoring, moving up the referee ranks, referee numbers, and I announced that I would be retiring from the Section Referee Administrator’s job. The Section Director Jeff Ransom will be picking a replacement soon. There was not a Sportsperson of the year, since there will no nominations, but please send in the names of people who went above and beyond the AYSO tenet of Good Sportsmanship. Also remember everything I email is also posted at . We also had a roundtable where everyone was asked what problems they are running into, and the number 1 complaint is the information I pass down is not getting to the rank and file referees. Please remember to share all this with your referees.

Hope your winter is going well, hard to believe less then 2 months before Spring season starts!

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Mid-season Update

With most of our seasons ½ way done or better, there is a lot of information to pass along on this stormy, raining Saturday. So here we go in a random order:

Section Expo will be held in Naperville on Feb. 9 – 11, 2018. Training and knowledge transfer along with networking with other regions is always a reason to go. Send as many referees as you can, it is well worth it. We are working on the courses for referees now.

Next, there is online Regional Referee Training available online! Here is the info:

Regional Referee Administrator (RRA)
This webinar occurs several times. Please register for the date and time that works best for you.
Register now!
Check Your Date – Drop down Dates; We will review the responsibilities of a Regional Referee Administrator focusing on the activities that are key to managing a Regional Referee Program. Topics include Referee: Assignments, Budget, Recruitment & Retention and others. Resources, methods and recommendations will be shared with the students to help you be successful in carrying out the RRA duties.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
View System Requirements

There is also Area Referee Administrator Training for Area Staff, persons interested in it, or just for curiousity’s sake:

Area Referee Administrator (ARA)
This webinar occurs several times. Please register for the date and time that works best for you.
Register now!
We will review the responsibilities of an Area Referee Administrator focusing on the activities that are key to managing an Area Referee Program. Topics include Referee: Assignments, Budget, Recruitment & Retention, mentoring, and others. Resources, methods and recommendations will be shared with the students to help you be successful in carrying out the ARA duties.
All are welcome but in order to be granted ARA certification, one must have the RRA Training / Certification pre-requisite in your record
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
View System Requirements

Coming up in March 2018, Iowa is offering a referee academy. Here is the information. I have been to one and it is a great way to learn!

Terry Vaughn Referee Academy
Saturday, March 3, 2018
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
West Des Moines Valley High School
3650 Woodland Ave.
West Des Moines, IA 50266
Register now at
e-Mail for additional information

Hope your season is going well…

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