Immediate Response Requested

Due to time criticality, I need a response no later then 4/22/2015. The first part is for ALL rras, or RCs to respond. Also please share this with your instructors ASAP. The second is for any Advanced Referees your regions may have.

Topic #1

A proposal has come from the National Office concerning the Referee Program of AYSO which will impact each Region, Area, and Section. I need to know how the regions of Section 6 feel about the proposed changes.

Referee Program Changes: The U8, and AR classes will be discontinued, and the Regional referee class will be the starting point for all new referees. The classwork will consist of a 4 hour online internet course followed by a 4 hour in person course. [Taken at another time] The class will allow Referees to ref U12 games [Player Referees would need to be 14 to referee U12, younger to do the lower age games]. The intermediate Badge would be discontinued, and a certificate would be issued for anyone who takes the Intermediate class. Existing instructors would be mentored to teach the new course and keep it interesting. The idea is that Regional Referees are doing U12 games, and this would train them for that level. No changes at present to Advanced or National Level referees.

Please pick one of the following:

1. This is a good idea, and would help my region greatly.
2. This is a bad idea, and would hurt my region greatly.

Comments, either Positive or Negative here:

Topic #2

If you are am Advanced Level referee, and would like to take the National Course, are you interested in attending the following course:

DATE: 17/18/19 July 2015
LOCATION: Marshal Michigan
COST: TBD ($100.00)
OFFERING: Class, Test and Fitness Test on Local HS Track
Jim Aebi,

The location is about 2.5 hours from Chicago. Section 8 and Section 6 alternate hosting the course every 2 years, so it will not be offered to Section 6 locally until 2017.

Again, I need the responses no later than Wednesday 4/22/2015.

As always, I am here to help the Regions, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Hope your season is going good!

Tim Orosz, Section Referee Administrator, Section 6
American Youth Soccer Organization
Serving Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, North and South Dakota
H 773 539 7356
Cell 773 547 3811
FAX 773 539 3577

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More classes

After I sent the emails, I got more information from the Areas. First, on the 28th, Cedar Rapids Iowa is holding a Basic and an Intermediate Class. Please see the information at:

Also, got some interest in a referee instructor class. If I get 4 students for this Saturday, after the introduction to Instruction I will teach the Basic Referee Instructor. However, I MUST be contacted by Thursday that would will attend. Please use my to let me know you will be attending. The cutoff date is so I can get the materials done in time. Short notice, but as we just offered the course and normally do not offer it so close together.

Enjoy your seasons!

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Introduction to Instruction Course

WHERE: Elmhurst Park District Wagner Community Center
615 N. West Ave. in Elmhurst, IL (adjacent to Berens Park)
Multi-purpose Room C

When: March 21st at 9:00 AM

If you want to become a Referee, Coach, or Management Instructor, the first requirement is for you to complete the Introduction to Instruction. The course will last 3 hours and as stated is the requirement before taking the next level for each discipline. Please sign up at roster # 201500904

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Pre-season Update

With everyone preparing for Spring season, news to pass long…

1. First thanks to all those who attended the Section 6 expo. It was nice to see old friends and make a lot of new, including those new to Section 6 including Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota.

2. For those of you that didn’t know, I give out a Sportsman of the year award each year. Any one in AYSO can submit an email to me when they see an exceptional instance of Good Sportsmanship. National was so impressed with our program, it is featured on the AYSO web site. Please look at to see the impressive story of this year’s winner.
3. With Opening day not far away for most of us [some regions have already started], instructors are in high demand. If you plan on holding a referee course, contact your Area Referee administrator ASAP.
4. Keep current on your state’s laws concerning concussions. Some of the states have amended their laws, and you are REQUIRED to keep current on this.
5. I will be visiting regions once again this Spring. So if you see me in your region, come on up and introduce yourself. If you don’t know me, I always come out in uniform and have been known to referee a game or two at your region.
6. TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING/ I hope I stressed it enough that I want everyone to continue their way up the referee chain. Elmhurst is offering an Intermediate Course on the 21st. The information is on eayso under courses. Sue Hansel is a great instructor and you will learn a lot from her.
7. As always feel free to contact me if you can’t get an answer. Law Changes were minor this year, and IFAB has voted on the Law changes for next year already. More on that when it becomes official.

Have a great season!

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Weeks to go to Section Expo

RRAs, RCs, Staffs,


Just a reminder that Feb 27th, 28th and March 1st is the Section Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.  Along with Referee Instructor, Advanced Referee Instructor, there are multiple referee courses to continue learning the art of refereeing.  Send as many volunteers as possible to get the best referees you can.  Along with refereeing, I will be giving out this years Sportsman of the Year Award to a well-deserved player. Also, if you are interested in Advanced Referee Instructor, AND meet the requirements, you must contact me ASAP.


From Area F Referee Administrator, Sue Hansel, I got this:


We will be holding the Intermediate Referee training in Elmhurst on 3/21-3/22. The course is listed in If any of your referees will be attending, please have them sign up ASAP. You may contact me with any questions.


Sue Hansel




And from the National Office, I forward the following information:


Good morning everyone.


AYSO uses USSF referee resources as part of our training program for referees at all levels.

USSF is in the process of combining two of their manuals to have the information in one document.

The two manuals are the Advice to Referees and the Guide to Procedures.

There is no estimated date of completion so for now, please continue using and referencing both manuals as usual.

When the integration of the manuals is completed, we will let everyone know.

Please share this  information with all of your instructors, assessors, mentors, referees, and other volunteers that help you with the referee program.  


Thank you.


Thomas Bobadilla

National Referee Program Administrator

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Mid-Winter Update

RCs, RRA, Area Staffs,

With it being -1 outside right now, you may not be thinking of soccer at all. However, now is the time to do exactly that.

AYSO Expo will be held in Madison Wisconsin on February 27th, 28th, and March 1st, 2015. Along with all the updates for Referee instructors, assessors, and Referee Administrators, there are multiple classes being offered. DON’Y BE FOOLED BY THE SAME NAMES, the classes are new and updated even if using the names you have seen before.

Along with these classes, AYSO Referee Instructor and AYSO Advanced Referee instructor is being offered. [Please contact me if you are interested in the Advanced Instructor course] These courses are taught Friday morning, so plan on being there Thursday night.

I hope your region is sending as many referees as it can, as this is the best time to learn, network, and even ask questions about refereeing. I look forward to seeing you at the Expo!

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Upcoming Training

With everyone’s Season winding down for winter, time to think of Referee Training.

On November 15,16 2014 Area D will be offering Basic Referee, Intermediate referee, Advanced Referee in Skokie. Referee Instructor will also be offered if there is enough interest. Please sign up immediately in eayso if you are going to attend.

The following weekend, Area N will be hosting referee and coaching courses in Norfolk, Nebraska. Basic referee will be offered there, and the course is also in eayso.

Late February the Section Expo will be held in Madison, Wisconsin. We will again offer the Referee Instructor courses and the required Intro to Instruction Friday morning there. Mailings will be coming from National soon. Also multiple trainings and classes to further your education will be offered at Section meeting, as well as the referee award for Good Sportsmanship will be given to a player. Your region should send as many people as possible for training as possible.

In March, Section will be taking a road show to Missouri. Dates/classes to be determined.

Area F will be offering Intermediate referee and Referee Instructor during the winter. Dates/Times to be announced.

As I have directed for years, the more training the referees take, the better referees we will have. I urge every referee to continue training upwards, to be the best referee possible for the players of AYSO.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the trainings listed above!

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