Foam use for 10 yard distance not allowed in AYSO or USSF

Use of the foam to mark 10 yards is not allowed in AYSO. See the message below.

Also lots of regions starting to schedule training. Make sure you check eayso if you are looking for training, some regions include Skokie, Oak Park, Round Lake, Area H, and others.

Good day everyone.

The AYSO Store now sells the Vanishing Marking Foam (vanishing spray) which soccer referees use to mark where players may stand during the taking of a free kick. The AYSO Store carries this product because they have other customers which may be interested in buying the spray.

FIFA allows the use of vanishing spray to provide a player management tool for experienced referees working top level professional games.
In AYSO’s youth games the referees are learning all about free kicks and how to manage players with the use of their personality.
It is important for referees to first learn the appropriate application of the Laws, and how to manage players before they use tools that may provide a false sense of control without the proper experience.

At this point in time, the National Referee Advisory Commission in partnership with the National Coaching Advisory Commission and AYSO’s National Referee Program Administration, do not approve the use of the vanishing spray in AYSO games.

This AYSO directive will continue to allow our AYSO referees to develop player management skills.
This direction is in line with USSF’s guidance which is provided below.
We will monitor the use of the spray in youth competitions outside of AYSO and evaluate further recommendations in 2015.

Please share this information with your Region, Area, and Section referee community. We will also publish a note in Whistle Stop.

Thank you for your support.

Thomas Bobadilla
AYSO National Referee Program Administrator
American Youth Soccer Organization

USSF’s current direction on the use of Vanishing Spray
The use of vanishing spray is prohibited by officials unless approval for use during an affiliated competition is given by U.S. Soccer.
Requests should be made by the appropriate affiliated competition authorities and these will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis provided the following minimum requirements are met:
• The affiliated competition must provide the vanishing spray at no cost to the officials;
• The affiliated competition must provide the officials with training on how to use the vanishing spray and monitor its use throughout the competition;
• The affiliated competition (or associated league of Organization Member) must assume all liability associated with the use of the vanishing spray; and
• When approved, competitions should make best efforts to use the vanishing spray in all competitive matches and officials should make every reasonable effort to ensure the spray is used consistently during their match

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Laws of the Game in Spanish

Just got this today, for those who need the Laws of the Game in Spanish, here you go [sent to the Regional Referee Administrators or the Regional Commissioners] Remember, if your region need a referee instructor, August 2nd is the perfect opportunity to get someone started on being an instructor. Sign up in eayso ASAP.
The attached file has the Spanish version of the LOTG.
We’re working on the English version of our AYSO LOTG edition.
When we get the English version ready, we’ll work on the Spanish version.


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Referee Upgrades

Hope all are enjoying the World Cup games so far. Summer time is here and most regions are at break time, if you region plays during the summer, drop me a note.
Again, anyone wanting to become a Referee Instructor and meets the criteria, sign up for the Intro to Instruction and Referee Instructor course on 8/2 being held in Malta Il. The sooner you get your name on, the better. Below are two messages from National, the first is letting you know anyone submitting an advancement may be waiting until after National Games, and the other giving congrats to new referees, including Alan Tribble from our own Section 6 who earned his National Referee Badge!

Also remember for Summer/fall, submit any players for the Section 6 Sportsmanship Award. Good Sportsmanship is Expected, Exceptional Sportsmanship is rewarded. Without further ado, the messages from National:

Message 1

Hello my fellow administrators,

I have been tasked to assist with the national games both internally and in a week, physically in Riverside.

So effective immediately, I will process all upgrades that come to us in this manner: As I receive the paperwork, I will complete the upgrade for the volunteer in eAYSO, email him-her and the accompanying Area or Section staff member, a note stating received, processed with badge, letter and certificate in the mail. I will not be sending my usual congratulatory email to the candidates until after the Games.

I have no backlog of upgrades; all paperwork received for the past two weeks are complete in eAYSO and badges in the mail.
I will try to update eAYSO for a candidate next week as best I can but no promises after Wednesday June 25th – Wednesday July 9th.

I include Rick Roberts, the NG Referee Administrator and Art Hundiak, the referee zayso scheduler in addition to Jim Gregory, NRAC Chair, Dave Oram, NRAC Board Liaison and of course, Thomas Bobadilla, NRPA.
Rick and Art are included as a courtesy so they can respond to a volunteer who may claim a higher referee certification then their record may show in eAYSO = as of Wednesday 6/25 – they will be current so what shows in eAYSO is good.

Please help communicate to your Section, Area and Regional referee staff members.

Have fun if you, or fellow referees, are participating in the Games; remember, it really ought to be fun, fair, safe!!!

Message 2

Congratulations and thank you for all that you do for AYSO, the kids and yourselves. I have updated your eAYSO record with your latest referee accomplishment that of referee, or instructor or assessor.
For the Referees: I have placed, in the mail (to your home or P.O.Box address as listed in eAYSO), your Intermediate, Advanced or National Referee Badge and Certificate.

In addition, please join Jim Gregory, Chair, National Referee Advisory Commission (NRAC) and Thomas Bobadilla, in congratulating Alan Tribble on his National Referee certification and Lee Aydolette on his National Referee Assessor certification.

Cheerio, Debbie
Remember, there is always a little girl or boy in the stands that wants to be just like you, don’t disappoint them.
Debbie Dakouzlian
National Programs Support Coordinator
American Youth Soccer Organization
National Office (800) 872 2976
D 424.221.7963 | F 310.525.1155

Emails are blind carbon copied (bcc) for privacy – Debbie
National Referees:
Alan Tribble 6/E/1112 Marion, IA

Advanced Referees:
Bernard Markowtiz 1/P/76 Beverly Hills, CA
Christopher Koh 1/B/31 Diamond Bar, CA
Michael Feder 1/P/69 Los Angeles, CA
Steve Sheets 1/B/67 Chino, CA
Matt Ledger 3/A/611 New York, NY
Douglas Murray 1/B/779 Chino Hills, CA
Simon Claydon 2/S/870 Albany, OR
Jerry Panetta 7/E/119 Mililani, HI
Francisco Zepeda 11/Z/603 Whittier, CA

Intermediate Referees:
Al Bocca 1/H/443 Indio, CA
Marla Humphries-Dolnick 6/D/568 Skokie, IL
Michael Buist 9/R/286 Roy, UT
Cristy Allen 9/R/286 West Haven, UT
Paul Franz 8/E/74 Portage, MI
Phil Javete 2/C/281 Pleasant Hill, CA
Brian Bonham 1/C/13 Pasadena, CA
David DeBoer 2/C/281 Pleasant Hill, CA
Philip King 2/D/218 Davis, CA
Kevin Chun 1/C/13 La Canada, CA
Mitchell Riek 1/C/88 Sunland, CA
Joe Richman 10/E/4 Oak Park, CA
Harold Whitcomb 8/G/283 Flushing, MI

National Referee Instructor:
Advanced Referee Instructor:
Referee Instructor:
Alfred Abkarian 1/C/88 La Cresenta, CA

***Instructors: please note – the ordering process for manuals is our Web Print and orders can take up to eight (8) business days to process and ship – Kindly plan accordingly !!!
Also be sure your RC/AD grants you the access rights to “manage rosters” in eAYSO by adding you as a Regional Instructor on the Region RIF and granting the access rights (same for Area/Section)

Referee Instructor Evaluator:

National Referee Assessor:
Lee Aydolette 11/K/56 Huntington Beach, CA

Referee Assessor:

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Referee Instructor Course

Until the AYSO version comes out, here is the FIFA Laws of the Game for 2014-2015. See attached file. [File was sent to Area Staff and RRAs]

Area H will be having their Road Show this year at Kishwaukee College in Malta, Illinois. On August 2nd we will be holding the Introduction to Instruction and Referee Instructor courses IF we get enough students. I keep hearing that regions need instructors, so here is your chance to get someone trained. Here are the requirements for Instructor:

This 7.5 hour course prepares Referee Instructor candidates to present important
teaching points about the AYSO National Referee Program and modular referee
training, specifically those modules that comprise the U-8 Official Course, the Assistant
Referee Course, the Basic Referee Course and the Intermediate Referee Course.
Certification requirements for Referee Instructor
Must be an Intermediate Referee and should be an
Advanced Referee
Complete AYSO Introduction to Instruction Course
Complete Referee Instructor Course (this course)
TESTING: 90% or better on the Referee Instructor Exam
EVALUATIONS: Two successful evaluations:
One as an instructor in a 30-minute presentation from the
Basic Referee Course with a qualified Referee Instructor
Evaluator, and
One as an instructor in a 30-minute presentation from the
Intermediate Referee Course preferably with a different
qualified Referee Instructor Evaluator
Note: The evaluations for certification must be done in an actual referee course
with real students.

Note: There is a change coming to the instructor course, and the Intermediate Instructor will be a separate level.

Also at the Road Show, will be a Basic Referee Course. All courses are posted in eayso, please have anyone interested signh up for the course ASAP, as I would like to hold the courses IF we get enough people interested in taking the courses.

Also remember that Section Games and National Games are coming up quickly.

I have awarded 2 Sportsmanship patches for the Spring. Remember to tell your referees that anyone can send me a nomination for the players to be awarded the patch. Out of all the winners, one will be picked to go to Section Meeting to be awarded for the year. Criteria is simple, Good Sportsmanship is expected, Exceptional Sportsmanship be will rewarded,

Have a great Summer,, and World Cup starts tomorrow!

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As Seasons come to a close

As our seasons are coming to a close, things to know:

1. If you have an assessor candidate, who needs the over the shoulder assessment done, Tom is offering one tomorrow in Skokie. See his email below.
2. Area H is offering a Regional Referee course and the referee instructor course in Kiswaukee College the first weekend in March. Send me an email for more information, especially for instructor. Instructors should be an intermediate level referee and have a year if exoerience.
3. Hinsdale will be offering a Regional Referee course in August, as is Skokie. Getting things ready for the fall season.
4. Don’t forget Section games June 21st in Mundelein. Always need referee teams there.

Hope your season is going well.

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General Information

As most of the Spring Seasons are about to start, some last minute information.

1. Here is the Annual Referee Program Update from National. This does not have the Section 6 specific information, but good to have to teach the minor Law changes.

2. A Major thank you goes to Westchester, where I went and met some great volunteers, help recruit some referees, and hopefully talked them into having a Spring Season next year. Neil please pass my thank you for lunch to Jenny, the Regional Commissioner.

3. Last, I got a call from Lockport who are in a desperate need of adult referees for this Spring. Please contact them if you can help out on a Saturday this Spring, their season has already started. Here is the information:

AYSO 717 Lockport looking for ref help.

Games played at Hassert Park, 19623 Renwick Rd, Crest Hill, IL 60441.

Contact: Charlene Johnes – 630-750-4501,

John Domina – 708-359-5991,

Have a safe, fun, fair Spring Season! I will be visiting unannounced a couple of regions this Spring. Look forward to meeting you!

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Ken Aston Cup


The Ken Aston Cup is an annual AYSO referee event that promotes refereeing excellence through feedback from experienced referee mentors.
The Ken Aston Cup will be held Friday and Saturday July 4-5, 2014 in Torrance CA in conjunction with the AYSO National Games.
Participation is open to currently registered AYSO referee volunteers. Please sign up for the 2014 Ken Aston Cup!
Teams of referees are evaluated on their performance during National Games matches.
Referee competition will take place in both Advanced and Excellence divisions.
The Advanced Division is open to referees with a certification level of Advanced, Intermediate or Regional Referee. Matches will be drawn primarily from the U12 division.
The Excellence Division is open to referees with a certification level of National, National 2, Advanced, Intermediate or Regional Referee. Matches will be drawn primarily from the U16 division.
Each three-person referee team will be evaluated on three matches within their division (Advanced or Excellence). Each individual on the three-person team will have the opportunity to be the referee once and assistant referee twice.
Evaluations will be conducted by experienced referee mentors and feedback will be provided to each referee team after each match. Additionally, scores will be assigned in several key categories and tabulated for all participants.
Each referee participating in the Ken Aston Cup will receive a special token of recognition.
The highest scoring referee team in each Division will receive an additional token of achievement and recognition in the Whistle Stop newsletter.

Because there are only a limited number of openings for referee teams to participate, please indicate your interest ASAP by completing the Ken Aston Cup application form.

Applications will be forwarded to the respective Section Referee Administrator for approval, and will in general be accepted on a first come first served basis.
If you have questions not covered here or in the links above, please email
Thanks for all you do for AYSO.
Ken Aston Cup Staff

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